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Sludge parameters

Sludge treament

Sludge parameters are the basis for the supervision and the construction of sludge treatment plants. They provide the enginieer with important notes over the existing (in-) organic portions, the settling behavior, the dewatering and the heat value of the sludge.

  • Total suspended solids TSS
    Mixed liquid from the reactor, the treated water, and the feed is filtered and heated in a 105°C oven. In this process, because of the low temperature, only the water is evaporated and nothing is burned. This is then weighed to conclude how much solids were in the feed, the treated water and the reactor.

  • Volatile suspended solid VSS
    The filtrate is taken from the 105 degree C oven and then placed in a 600 degree C oven where the organic materials burn and the left over inorganic materials are weighed.

  • Sludge volume index SVI
    Mixed liquid is taken from the reactor and taken to a slow mix to settle. After half an hour the sludge volume is measured. The SVI units are (ml/g).

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